The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 3

The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 3

September 15, 2023

Written by: Paul Winterman

The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 3

When one of our customers organised a local community Spring Fayre, the sofa just had to go along to join in the fun.

The Sofa Web and Design are a design agency that provide a multitude of creative services including website design, digital marketing and graphic design to a wide range of local, regional and national customers. The element that we think makes us different is our sofa. We have an eighteen year history of being creative with our sofa. Yes, it is still the same one, and no we don’t photoshop. Here’s our story.

We decided early on that we needed a physical metaphor for creating and nurturing relationships for our business. This is why we decided to purchase a 2 seater sofa to fulfill that metaphor. Not only did we want the sofa for our office, but we also had big plans to take it all around the country in an attempt to build our brand.

Always looking for a photo opportunity for The Sofa, we decided to support the local community event hosted by one of our customers. Raising awareness and funds for the services that this social enterprise company provided was in the foremost of our thinking. It was a beautiful May day when we arrived early with The Sofa.

There was plenty of activities for the local community to get involved in. We were especially drawn to the inflatable five a side football pitch. After a rather competitive match against the local children we were invited to join in with a sumo wrestling match. As you can see below, the activity catered for all shapes and sizes, especially as an inflatable sumo suit was the pre requisite for taking part. After a few rounds of sumo it was time for refreshements.

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In the afternoon we slowed the pace a bit by taking a few shots of the staff on The Sofa, we just had to get the sumo suit in there. We then went indoors to browse round the many exhibition stands that had been erected to show the depth of service the company provided. Help and support for the local community was at the heart of the exhibition.

We have always been about the relationship aspect of business. For over a decade our famous sofa has toured the country, turning up in all kinds of peculiar places, not least outside Arkwright’s newsagents in ‘Still Open All Hours’. The sofa is a symbol of ‘let’s sit down and talk about your business’. This approach, along with our creative and passionate approach to producing your Branding & Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing, have enabled us to build up a reputation we are proud of.

So if you are after digital marketing in the Sheffield area, get in touch on 01302 272365 or email

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you sometime soon! Come and sit on the Sofa

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