The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 1

The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 1

May 10, 2023

Written by: Martin Abonyi

The Story of the Sofa – Chapter 1

Balanced on the edge… our first outing to the Peak District

The Sofa Web and Design are a design agency that provide a multitude of creative services including website design, digital marketing and graphic design to a wide range of local, regional and national customers. The element that we think makes us different is our sofa. We have an eighteen year history of being creative with our sofa. Yes, it is still the same one, and no we don’t photoshop. Here’s our story.

We decided early on that we needed a physical metaphor for creating and nurturing relationships for our business. This is why we decided to purchase a 2 seater sofa to fulfill that metaphor. Not only did we want the sofa for our office, but we also had big plans to take it all around the country in an attempt to build our brand.

Making an early start one fresh Saturday morning, we bundled the sofa in the car and headed out into the wind swept Peak District. Our first task was to find a suitable and relatively safe place to set up the shot. There needed to be a suitable amount of drama, but we certainly didn’t fancy disappearing over a cliff edge. The first place we stopped at looked epic, but we simply couldn’t lift the sofa up to the top of the rock monument, even with two of us. Looked an epic shot though.

high neb

We finally found the right spot at surprise view. The road makes a sharp right turn and the panoramic views open out in front of you. One side was easy access but the other side was a fifty foot drop. Precariously balanced on the edge, hauling the sofa on to the rocky outcrop of surprise view in the Peak District in a Spring gale wasn’t for the fainthearted. But, we wanted the shot so fortune had to favour the brave. People have asked if we photoshop the sofa into the locations. No, we don’t. (see below)

surprise view

We have always been about the relationship aspect of business. For nearly two decades our famous sofa has toured the country, turning up in all kinds of peculiar places, not least outside Arkwright’s newsagents in ‘Still Open All Hours’. The sofa is a symbol of ‘let’s sit down and talk about your business’. This approach, along with our creative and passionate approach to producing your Branding & Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing, have enabled us to build up a reputation we are proud of.

So if you after website design in the Yorkshire area, get in touch on 01302 272365 or email

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you sometime soon! Come and sit on the Sofa

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