The Sofa has found a shiny new home at BizSpace in Doncaster

After a longer than anticipated necessary exile, The Sofa Web & Design have moved back into a nice new office space. With the seeds of business recovery starting to bear fruit, we have left home schooling, ‘shorter days’ and a bit of sneaky gardening behind us. In one of our least complicated office moves (we’ve had a few) we are now settled in but minus a few home comforts. The dart board has made it, but we’ve had to leave the table tennis table behind.

One item that definitely is taking pride of place in our new office is the legendary sofa. The Sofa is still going strong (sort of) after 16 years of use. With paint splashes, torn upholstery and a few dodgy legs it’s still the same sofa that has travelled the country looking for exciting photo opportunities. It has also been known to turn up at our customers offices from time to time as well. The two man removal team is still the same with a well drilled Paul and Martin still in charge of logistics.

brand design 3

The Sofa has always been a visual metaphor for ‘welcoming customers to our workplace, let’s sit down and have a chat’. It’s also a conversation starter, especially when we take it out on location. A natural curiosity, as we found out when taking it on location to the Open All Hours film set. As we lugged the sofa to the film set on the second day of filming, we got apprehended by the show’s set designer. ‘Are you that marketing company that has the sofa’, a reply wasn’t needed as we did have a brown two seater sofa nestling between our weakening arms. ‘We were talking about you in the pub last night, hang on a minute, I want a picture on the sofa, just let me get my set designs as a prop’. A conversation starter it certainly is.


The Sofa has been on the track at Silverstone, the ice rink at Sheffield Arena, the Keepmoat Stadium, the Angel of the North and a host of other various locations. We are looking forward to dusting it off again this summer and getting out and about in the Doncaster area and beyond. Have a look at our ‘Sofa’ timeline to see what we’ve been getting up to over the years.


This approach, along with our creative and passionate approach to producing your Branding & Graphic Design, Website Design and Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing, have enabled us to build up a reputation we are proud of. So if you need a Doncaster website design agency, that covers all of Yorkshire and beyond, get in touch.

Our new office is G10, BizSpace, Gresley House, Doncaster DN4 5HX. Our new number is 01302 637159. Feel free to pop in for a chat on the sofa.