Project Description

Cattano is a company that specialises in innovation. Developing, promoting and distributing products in the UK and abroad, the company has a number of patents pending on a variety of products. Brands like Tiltwrench, BoxMate and Klampipe are firmly aimed at the building and construction trade. Cattano approached The Sofa Web and Design five years ago to help support them with the branding for these products and to help to take them to market.

Firstly we starting with the branding of the holding company, Cattano, then set about creating the brand identity for Tiltwrench and Boxmate primarily. Once the logo was created, The Sofa Web and Design worked on a suite of marketing materials for both brands. Posters and leaflets helped to promote the brand across the many International tradeshows that Cattano attended. Point of sale and packaging was also required for these shows and for the shop shelves as the brands continued to grow. The Sofa Web and Design finally created an e-commerce website for the products to be sold online.

“The Sofa Web and Design understand what we want. They always come up with striking, relevant designs for our product branding, packaging, and marketing materials. That’s why we’ve stayed with them for over five years.”

Peter Gaukrodger – Managing Director, Cattano