e-Commerce websites for retail businesses are becoming more of a consideration for high street shops struggling during lockdown restrictions

It’s safe to say it has been a very testing year for individuals and businesses alike during the ongoing restrictions that are in place. Small retail outlets have borne the brunt of these restrictions by being denied the footfall that keeps their livelihoods going. e-Commerce websites for retail businesses have become a real consideration for any company wanting to keep the flow of sales going through their business.

Tiffany Fashion in Doncaster approached The Sofa Web and Design when tighter lockdowns were introduced as they had seen a significant downturn in footfall trade due to the new restrictions. Being a critical time in the run up to Christmas, they decided they had to act fast. Following the initial call we had a fully operational online store ready for trading within 10 days and taking orders a few days after the launch.

Understandably there was a lot of content for Tiffany